The aggregate service area of the two network licensees covers approximately 20,000 sq km, and therefore they supply electric power to about 2,250,000 consumers.

  • It was in 2002 when ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group introduced the MIRTUSZ Technical Customer Service and Work Management System to manage the fault reports of consumers and technical demands, optimize the management of technician resources in the region and support work management over the network.
  • The system operates in integration in the company’s IT environment, is closely connected to the record-keeping system of the low, medium and high voltage network (EÉGIS), as well as the incident statistics system (HESR), SAP PM enterprise resource planning system, metering site work management (MISZ) and GPS-based vehicle tracking systems. During the reconstruction of its operations management systems, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group is planning to build online connection between the SCADA/DMS and MIRTUSZ systems.
  • Annually, their MIRTUSZ system handles approximately 200,000 fault reports and demands, 60,000 fault and troubleshooting works sheets, as well as 150,000 planned network work sheets taken over from the SAP PM system.
  • The Mobile MIRTUSZ (mWFM) module and the integrated Mobile GIS technical record-keeping systems were introduced in 2013 with 40 dispatchers, 470 technicians, 350 technician cars, 320 mobile devices.


South Hungarian Electricity Supply Company is an EDF group entity that supplies electric power to 755,000 consumers.

  • In 2007, EDF-DÉMÁSZ set up a separate entity to handle its technical activities associated with network operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as metering site operations. Concurrently, it consolidated its work management activities in 8 operations engineering centers.
  • The changed organizational and operating structure necessitated new, efficient IT support in the field of the planning, management, scheduling, execution and accounting of technical activities. The introduced MIRTUSZ Work Management System uses message-based integration to connect – among others – to the SAP enterprise resource planning, ÁRTEMISZ-GIS network record-keeping, ÁRTEMISZ-ÜTR network management and HIROT vehicle tracking systems.
  • At the 8 work management centers, online connection is maintained with 200 mobile work stations. With reliance on the MIRTUSZ system, 350 technicians complete 27,000 onsite works during 3000 day shifts.
  • After two years of successful operation with the MIRTUSZ system, EDF-DÉMÁSZ decided to provide – in addition to Partner Ltd – to all the other subcontractors operating at the network and consumption sites with jobs via MIRTUSZ. For this reason, 2011 saw the introduction of the MIRTUSZ WPC module, to which 9 partners joined as early as in the first phase. At the present, the system is being adopted by all the partners, covering cc. 40–50 businesses.

Budapest Waterworks

Budapest Waterworks supplies drinking water to more than 2 million inhabitants in Budapest and 21 other settlements in its surroundings.

  • Budapest Waterworks commissioned its MIRTUSZ Technical Customer Service and Work Management System back in 2005 in order to give IT support to consumer fault reports in association with the pipeline network and the receipt of technical demands, as well as central resource management and network work management, the handling of electronic work sheets for those working at the sites. After the further development of the system, since 2007 support has also been provided to the management of the engineering and technical structure of maintenance works in water production facilities.
  • MIRTUSZ has been closely integrated with the other modules of the SAP enterprise resource planning system
    (IS-U, CIC, PM, MM; HR, CO, IM-PS, SRM), and work in cooperation with the other applications belonging to the company’s IT environment (MIR technical record-keeping system, central address registry, water quality laboratory system, security entrance system, etc.).
  • With respect to the pipeline network works, MIRTUSZ handles exactly 34,000 fault reports, as well as approx. 26,000 investment, maintenance works a year completed by 130 technician teams that are managed from the dispatcher center. Concerning the facilities: the annual average 16,000 investment and maintenance works are performed by 35 technician teams directed from 7 dispatcher centers.


FŐTÁV - Budapest Disctrict Heating

Budapest District Heating Ltd provides consumers with heat generated in its own heating plants and purchased from public-utility power plants, heat producers.

  • The MIRTUSZ work management system is in charge of the IT support of effective work management and resource allocation for the technical processes that are demanded by heating plants, heating centers and shafts across the service area of the Budapest District Heating Ltd.
  • The MIRTUSZ system is closely integrated with the HŐTÉR technical record-keeping system, the SAP PM system, which is implemented via standard interfaces.
  • The number of complex works managed by the system is 180,000 annually, and they are completed by 235 technician teams managed from 21 dispatcher centers.